Why Home Schooling



Increase taxes to support education and increasing in the future hurt many people

Save Costs (transportation, teachers, buildings, benefits)

Create Lifelong education curriculum

Multiple languages easy to implement with voiceovers rather than teachers

One teacher and one video class can reach millions

One class could be usable for years

Estimates of thousands of teachers’ needed and new buildings would create more taxes

Classes are limited as is hours and days available but not those that are saved

Schools require teachers for multiple languages this only needs translators

Teaching career is not highly paid and many leave every year causing problems

Video tapped classes can be updated easily and cheaply

Colleges and businesses use remote access for people at home and more parents can work from home



Broadband Internet with speeds increasing yearly

Involve parents, grandparents, religious affiliations, friends and neighbors

Television / HDVT can accommodate 4 stations on one channel

Can handle multiple users on one link and they can multi-task

Personal computers getting cheaper and most home have

Laptops, wireless access

Local Area Networks and apartments, condos

TV connected terminal for under $200

TIVO classes for review

DVD RW for saving classes

VHS for savings and sharing classes

Cable/DSL/Power Grid

Videotape classes

Video conferencing / Instant Message / e-Mail /


 Certification for classes attended and tests past

Small groups could meet in homes

Create a testing center

National certification and



Stronger families relations and involvements of parents as mentors

Lower taxes could allow a parent to stay home from work

Richer curriculum, multiple courses and languages

Flexible schedule for student and family, 24/7, no early or late school bus waits

More funds go directly to education and not other

No snow days, sick days, teacher days required

Classes could be credited by sponsors and thus cost little or bring in additional funds

Social activities created by communities, groups, religious affiliations, etc.

Students could have a core curriculum that must be taken

Families/students could live anywhere that they have power line access

Field trips to museums, locations, zoos. Etc. with parents and friends




May take years to switch or could be very quickly as soon as classes are created




Tobacco Windfall



Taxes redirected

Sell current buildings as they become available

Sell furniture, equipment, buses, and land, etc.



Assist in finding jobs

Reduce positions, mentors, and monitors, etc.



Home school incentives

            Lower taxes