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Any of these items should tell you not to vote for Obama !!!!


Michelle Obama’s lack of respect for our flag

Obama’s ring “there is no god but allah

The Biden Lie

Biden is a joke



Don’t do not vote but vote for Romney/Ryan, every vote counts to defeat Obama and fix the country!

Will the democrats be forced to select another candidate fo41r president if Obama is proved a liar and ineligible?




Obama and college

Obama and not providing security for our overseas sites

Obama Phone

Obama was a homosexual

Taxpayers paying for Obama’s request to not lay-off people before the election

Obama Denied Requests for Increased Security in Benghazi Before 9/11

Read more: http://patriotupdate.com/30338/bombshell-obama-denied-requests-for-increased-security-in-benghazi-before-911#ixzz28CQuogHt



To Obama:

It is the economy stupid!!!    Where are the jobs you promised!!!   Boy, have you screwed those that voted for you!!!

What about the promise to cut the debt? What about YOUR transparency and releasing your information.

What about those babies you killed via votes on abortion, partial birth abortion and infanticide!!

What about all the money you stole from the taxpayers and gave away to friends in the stimulus and other dirty tricks!

Why not tell blacks to vote issues and not color, who are the racists!



Pascal’s Wager  - you better think carefully before voting for Obama or anyone since all votes are serious!


ObamaCare is an attack on Catholic beliefs and he lied to Rep. Stupak with his “Executive Order”.

The concern is not just Obama but the type of people who could vote for him considering his history and record

He promised “transparency” but hasn’t provided it in his administration nor in his background

He has created class warfare, the upper 20% already pay 68% of the taxes, over 53% of the people pay no taxes.

At no time did he tell blacks to vote the issues and not the color of the person although he isn’t black but brown

His father was black and deserted the family while his white mother and grandparents raised him

What gives him the power to make all corporations provide insurance for children to the age of 26, another corporate tax

His award of the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke since he was just in office and had done nothing to justify it.

While they said no taxpayer funds go to Planned Parenthood for contraception or abortions, it does and woman are killed at their centers while

          all those aborted babies are murdered!

His published writings indicate he dislikes whites and the country along with the FLAG per his actions

His AG has failed to fight the many black gangs attacking stores, killing whites and after gays.

The liberal press has failed to report news equally. Attacking Romney and not pushing Obama on his background secrets.

He and Michelle have not shown proper respect for the FLAG by not crossing their hearts and by using the wrong hand

His mother’s background is questionable as also who is his father

Blacks who voted for the color of his skin, 96% of blacks, many would be considered racists!

He made a joke out of sections of the Bible in his speeches

His early biography as an author indicated he was born in Kenya from information given his publisher

The people who supported him in college indicated that they were supporting a foreign student, was he lying to them

He indicated in government forms that he never had another name yet his name was Barry Soetoro when he lived with his mother’s 2nd husband

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs under Obama and the regulations passed by his congress

The oil pipeline from Canada was voted down by Obama and now the oil will go to China and the US will miss jobs and energy security

Obama continues to push for oil from countries that are against us and even supports them with taxpayer funds

Obama’s healthcare plan has many unknowns and favors special groups like unions and Moslems and many problems

Several of Obama’s aid to bankrupt industries have lost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs

Most gays, lesbians and transsexuals back him because he would be the candidate that would support them

          Do you really believe that God will forgive you for a serious sins like a homosexual lifestyle condemned by the church, God’s church.

HIV continues to kill thousands and cost billions due to what many people call immoral activities

Many of his ads consist of lies

Obama cancelled the Christian National Day of Prayer held since 1952 not to offend others but held a National Moslem Prayer Day on September 25, 2009

In his book he stated that if anything happen he would side with the Moslems

His ObamaCare excuses Moslems because of ‘religious beliefs” but not Christians

Over 53% of low income wage earners do not pay taxes and get money back from taxpayers, shouldn’t all citizens pay taxes

Many people with criminal backgrounds have low paying jobs because of their records and thus do not pay taxes and support democrats

Most Americans voted for McCain but because of the Electoral College he lost because of large cities with large electoral votes

Obama’s administration spent over $800 Billion for their stimulus plan with 79% going overseas

Obama backed the Occupy groups, Acorn and Planned Parenthood

Obama has voted for abortion, partial birth abortion and infanticide and his supporters must also take the blame for those deaths

ObamaCare will have a committee to judge whether older Americans would get treatment, thus euthanasia.

Obama increased the size of government to hire many of the unemployed and increase the cost of government

The unemployment rate has dropped only because many “baby Boomers” have retired since jobs aren’t available

Many others have dropped out of the labor market since there are no jobs or only low level positions

Unemployment benefits had to be increased to help millions out of work and furthered costs to taxpayers

Obama has refused help to resolve fraud in Medicare

Obama supports same sex marriage and contraception paid for by all taxpayers even though it is immoral to many

Obama allows other faiths to drop out of his health care plan

Obama would continue to fund Planned Parenthood despite the many issues of fraud

Obama’s administration continues to impose heavy regulations on business

Obama has done nothing to repatriate billions of overseas funds and create jobs

Obama is backed by Liberals, crooks, unions and pot heads.

Obama and his AG have not handled illegal immigration and have sued states that want to protect their citizens

Obama has been known for many lies

Obama attended expensive collages, who paid for him?

Obama was the Law School Review Editor, how did he get that position since people do not remember him and where is his writings while there

Obama was a member of the congressional Black Caucus that brought about the mortgage crisis by pushing for less credit to buy a home

Obama basically had no experience before being nominated for president

Obama has created the largest tax in history with his health care plan, his administration said it was a tax

Hilary Clinton called him a liar!

He has allowed gays and lesbians to wear their military uniforms at gay pride parades but straights cannot wear the uniform at parades

Chuck Schumer (NY-Dem) stated that 79% of the Stimulus funds went overseas

          Electric cars from Finland

          Windmills from China

          Aid to foreign countries in South America to develop their oil industry

Obama has stopped Christian ceremonies and has pushed for Moslem events

Obama has poorly represented our country overseas, bowing to some and not following protocols in others

Obama had delayed capturing Osama several times to provide for a PR event

Obama and the democrats have not passed a budget even though they controlled both houses while he was president

At the urging of Valerie Jarrett, President Barack Obama canceled the operation to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions before finally approving the May 2, 2011 Navy SEAL mission, according to an explosive new book scheduled for release August 21. The Daily Caller has seen a portion of the chapter in which the stunning revelation appears.

Valerie Jarrett was also the White House Aid that spoke about candidates in a Black Chicago Church without any follow-up by the IRS.

Obama’s AG has done nothing about the New Black Panthers actions at the voting booths.

Why doesn’t Obama prove that he is a citizen for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin rather than taking away his rank and retirement for questioning him?

The media made a big story of Trayvon Martin but nothing has appeared about the many black gangs’ attacks and killings of whites.

Obama has jumped to the wrong conclusions in cases involving blacks and whites and where he has backed the black position

Billions have been spent without any tracking to his backers

His administration considered troops and vets as possible terrorists

He wanted troops to pay for their insurance

Black Pastors against Obama for his stand on SSM

The Our Father says God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, who would God want you to vote for? Obama is for abortion and euthanasia!

The devil is at work in the US and world with loose morals, liberal schools, abortion, SSM, euthanasia, violence and immorality in the media.

Eternity is a very long time, where will you be, in HEAVEN or in hell? What about those you love, friends, others and your family?

Where is your prayer life and do you go to church regularly? Do you pray for the souls in purgatory, the pope, church leaders and others?

Will you do God’s will or shake your fist at Him?  God knows who you vote for!

 Charlie Daniels


The costs of abortion and contraception = 100 million people who are not here and are not paying into social security

God’s wrath on abortion, immorality, greed


Obama’s campaign

– Fast and Furious: The Obama Justice Department’s “Operation Fast and Furious” encouraged American gun shops to sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which backfired as Mexican gangs shot and killed Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in 2010 (as well as many Mexican citizens) with guns they allowed to “walk.” While CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson filed 29 stories unspooling the scandal, ABC and NBC stayed almost perfectly silent for many months, even as Attorney General Eric Holder admitted he had misled Congress about when he learned of “Fast and Furious.” Only when Congress voted to hold Holder in contempt did they discover the story, and then it was dismissed on NBC as “vicious” and “another example of our broken politics.”

Solyndra: In the first two months of 2002, the Big Three networks reported a stunning 198 stories on the Enron bankruptcy, often tying the fiasco to President Bush. By comparison, since declaring bankruptcy on August 31, 2011, despite a half-billion dollars in federal loans from the Energy Department through Obama donor connections, ABC, CBS, and NBC filed a grand total of 24 stories on Solyndra, and barely connected it to Obama -- even as Obama told ABC he had no regrets, and even as the promise of “green jobs” demonstrably collapsed.

– MF Global:
An investment company run by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (a major Obama fundraiser) declared bankruptcy on Halloween 2011 and admitted they lost more than a billion dollars of customer money that was supposed to be kept separately from risky investment schemes. This scandal garnered only six full stories and 16 briefs. Only NBC once mentioned Corzine was a Democrat. None even whispered any connection to Obama.

– Gibson Guitar:
Some scandals are less weighty, but more interesting to viewers. Federal agents twice raided the plants of Gibson Guitar in Tennessee to investigate whether they improperly imported wood from Madagascar and India, but waited for almost a year before settling with the guitar maker for a $300,000 fine. No one found it newsworthy that Gibson’s CEO is a Republican donor, while other guitar makers who weren’t Republicans were not raided by the government over wood imports.

– Reverend Wright:
After a long silence after the inauguration, as the networks pretended Obama’s longtime reverend Jeremiah Wright didn’t exist, network stories erupted in mid-May at the whisper of an idea that Republicans might exploit him in an ad. But the networks offered nothing on an interview in Ed Klein’s book The Amateur, where Reverend Wright claimed in a taped interview that Obama friends offered money for silence.

-      Another reason would be Joe Biden, if you cannot be loyal to your faith how good can you be and would we want him to become president and make decisions for us.

-      The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.

-      And Romney is not Obama!!!!!!

-      GREAT TICKET   - Romney and Ryan!!!!

Write your representatives and the media

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Why Conservatives have always opposed Planned Parenthood besides the abortions

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, said, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” She was one of eleven children and associated all sorts of social ills with having large families. She thought that if people would just keep their families limited to two children, we wouldn’t have to deal with domestic violence, poverty or unemployment.

Obama Voters








Obama backed Occupy groups






Where are Obama’s:

          Original Birth Certificate

          Baptismal Certificate

          Passport Record

          Selective Service Registration

          College Transcripts




          College writings

          Legal transcripts

          Any valid records of his history


Other questions:

          Why did he allow his publisher to say he was born in Kenya?

          Why did the Ayers say that he was a foreign student when he stayed with them?

          Why did he and Michelle give up their legal licenses?

          Does he still say that he never heard Rev. Wright speak against whites and the USA?

          What illegal drugs has he taken?

          Did he have a homosexual affair?

          Why did he try to hide his other name of Barry Soetoro?

          Wouldn’t he agree that his books are anti-white and anti-Christian?




McCain Voters

Tax payers


Religious Groups



Tea Party


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