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Catholic Vocations

Why Religious Life           testimonies        more     and still more     The Gift of God’s love   

Consecrated life throughout the ages

Discernment of a vocation      Vocation 101           We are called


TO THE PRIESTHOOD                                                                                      World day of consecrated life  


Priestly vocations                                            

To be a priest                                    

A week in the life of a priest      

Tomorrow’s priests                        


Sisterhood/Nuns                             Collection of stories                       Year on Consecrated life   Sisters

To be a sister                                    

Sisters of life                                                     

Sisters of Silence                             

Religious vocations for Women


Brothers                                                                                              year on consecrated Life  BROTHERS

Of the poor Saint Francis             

Friars of Saint Francis                     


More on Franciscans


There are many more stories and information on youtube and other web sites. Religious are never alone but are always in touch with those in heaven and the many faithful on earth that pray for them every day.

Pray for our bishop and priests in the Raleigh NC Diocese                             


This page is dedicated to our mother MARY (thank you Jesus)