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Mary is the mother of Jesus who appointed her as our mother also and our mediatrix between us and him. Catholics do not pray to Mary but for her to intercede with Him on our behalf just like people ask others to pray for them.  Mary is honored by Islam and Christians and is a Jewish girl.


Mary as Patroness of the Americas

Prayers to Mary

Immaculate Conception


Some of her apparitions

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Overview of additional topics on Mary


Mystical City of God   (The life of Mary as told to Mary of Agreda)

Mary’s seven dolors (seven sorrows)   also

Father Barron on the Queenship of Mary

Father Barron in Catholicism on Mary (preview)

Father Barron visits Lourdes

Father Barron visits Guadalupe

Scott Hahn on the Assumption of Mary

Her Rosary

Mary’s Legion

Veneration to Mary

Books on Mary

Marian Shrines in the USA

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Mary did you know  the song by the writer

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Mary’s house in Ephesus

Church of the Annuciation in Israel

Church of the Visitation in Israel

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Marian Shrines    In the World     In Israel

Consecration to Mary

Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary

Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima


Dedication to Mary:  Pray for Vocations