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“You are with me beyond my understanding”


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List of Catholic Hymns


O God you search me  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEGc3_D19Vo




Bread of Life               


Catholic Hymns For Mass   

          We walk by faith

          Only in God        

          Gift of Finest Wheat  

          On Eagle Wings           

          One Bread One Body          

          Be not afraid

          Christ be our Light                                                     

          Shepard me O God     

          For praise                     [JR1] 

          Ave Maria                   

          Yahweh you are near          

          Shepherd me O God            

          Jesus, remember me           

          Here I am Lord  

          Seek Ye First

          Blest are they

          Bless be the Lord

          You Raised me up

          All the ends of the earth

          Now we remain

          You are mine

          Holy is his name

          The Summons

          Agnus Dei


          Canticle of the turning

          Gather us in

Gregorian Chants                 

Modern Hymns 

Traditional Hymns




        Mozart - Requiem in D minor       


Christian Songs

Mary did you know    

I can only imagine      

Our God is an Awesome God